Group Fitness Classes

Body Sculpt: 45 min

Blast your cardio and strength fitness to the next level! This class provides the variety your body needs to see results by combining fun cardio routines with muscle conditioning that will be tailored to the class’s needs from week to week.

Cardio Chisel: 45 min

Get an energizing cardiovascular workout and chisel (sculpt) your body with powerful strength exercises.

Core & More: 45 min

Balance and strength start with the core. We will help you build a more stable, powerful abdomen and lower back to improve fitness. Core work paired with cardiovascular exercises make this class a true full body experience.

Tabata: 30 min

Tabata training is one of the hottest trends to build muscle and scorch body fat. Timed intervals will blast calories, but don’t worry, there is recovery too!


Functional Fitness at its finest. Heavy lifting, cardio and body weight exercise all wrap into one intense 45 minute class.

Express: 30 min

Start your weekend off right by hitting up this full body 30 minute workout. Short, sweet and effective.

Warrior: 45 min

This 45 minute class will help you prepare for any obstacle you may encounter. This raw intense training will build strength, endurance and mental grit.

Yoga: 45 min

In this class, postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. Breathing techniques and meditation are also integrated. You can expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement.

Power Yoga: 45 min 

Power yoga takes our regular yoga to the next level  of difficulty.  Adding strength and more advanced moves the the flexibility and balance.

Buti Yoga: 45 min

Is a HIIT workout that combines traditions yoga, plyometrics, tribal dance and cardio to target endurance, strength and flexibility.

Stretch: 45 min

This gentle class will guide you through a series of poses, loosening tension and relieving stress. Moving at a slower pace and holding stretches longer will allow you to relax your mind and body. You will leave relaxed and content.

Surf n’ Core: 30 min

30 minutes will be more than enough time to reap the benefits in this core focused class on the Surfset board or mat.

Cycle: 45 min

Enjoy an intense 45 minutes of hills, sprints and interval training.