Growing up in the Walkerton and Lake Rosalind area Nicole was very active in local sports like soccer, baseball and swimming.  As she entered into high school she became more involved in sports and gym classes.  She took all available fitness classes that were offered.  During these years she worked at Grant’s Independent to help save for her future fitness education.

After graduating Nicole enrolled in Mohawk College for the two year course Health, Wellness and Fitness.  Specializing in performance, sports injury, and nutrition. Continuing with her long time passion of working in the personal training field and helping others achieve their fitness  goals  Nicole became a certified personal trainer with Can-Fit Pro.  Nicole plans on continuing her knowledge in the fitness field of athletic therapy.


Working out at the gym is Nicole’s happy place and helps her fight off her struggles against mental health.  Her education and experiences have helped her maintain a healthy mind and body.  She looks forward to working with clients to overcome their personal challenges. 

Nicole Westman