Kelsie grew up on a small dairy farm outside of a small town. When she was little she loved being outdoors. Whether it was in the barn, running around in a field or climbing farm equipment. She was always on the go.

As she grew older, she started to get into all kinds of different sports. Once high school hit, things slowly changed. She started to play fewer sports and focused on school and volunteer work more. She stilled play baseball and soccer all through school, but the other sports had to take a back seat.

Her plan since she was little was to take over the family farm that has been in the family for many generations. Unfortunately, her life took a large challenging curve when a fungus hit the farm. Not only where the animals struck ill but so was her family. Kelsie getting the worse of it. At first the doctors had no idea why she was sick. After several tests they discovered it was the fungus in the corn harming her. Her immune system crashed, making her almost miss a full year of school. At this point the doctors knew   what was wrong and asked her not to enter the barn until the problem was fixed. It was heart breaking, but she got a few jobs off the farm. All related to dogs of course! She continued her life’s adventure.

Later on, she got a job at a pet resort where she worked until she decided she wanted to own her own business. It sounded crazy to many but she was up for the challenge. In less than a year, she had her own animal care business. Clients kept calling    and business kept growing.

After a few years, she wanted something different. Something that would let her help people. It has taken her many years, but her immune system is back to normal and health has greatly improved! She never would have gotten to where she is today without the help of quite a few doctors and many other wonderful people. After her experiences, she is ready to help others overcome their obstacles and enjoy life to the fullest!

Kelsie Rutherford