meet_team_jennyDon’t be fooled by her size, Jenny may be small but she can actually bench press and squat YOU! She was ranked 12th in the world at the International Power Lifting Championships in 2008 and has earned 2 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze at the Canadian Open Women’s Power lifting Championships. She’s living proof that women who train with weights will NOT get BIG! Aside from power lifting and a general passion for health and fitness, Jenny is a registered Dietician. She knows the importance of living a healthy and active life and practices what she preaches. At New Heights Jenny is a certified indoor cycling instructor. You’ll catch her waking our members up at early morning cycling classes with her motivating music and intense rides. When she’s not indoor cycling, she’s running or biking outdoors and competing in duathalons and run events.

Jenny Emberley