staff_kourtneyKourtney was active throughout most of her life, however, in her early 20’s she became very work oriented by day and party oriented by night. Too much drinking and inactivity left her almost 50 pounds overweight and feeling awful inside and out. She had no confidence and felt like she was falling apart. The thought of a gym horrified her, so at first she exercised at home. The more she heard about others achieving great results with indoor cycling and boot camps, the more interested she became in joining New Heights. At first, it was a very intimidating place. She was worried that everyone else was going to be faster and in better shape than she was and she was terrified that others would be looking at her. Despite her fears, she did it anyways and the results came so quickly that Kourtney soon fell in love with the gym. Now everyone does look at her because she is at the front of the room teaching indoor cycling classes! But it doesn’t matter that they do, because she feels great about herself and loves helping others feel the same.

Kourtney Newell