Amanda is from Hanover Originally but spent the last 11 years in New Brunswick where she graduated high school, and went to college for Photography. Amanda Loves animals, Harry Potter everything. She is Owner of Sila Photography.


Amanda hasn’t always been a fan of the fitness industry; in fact she hated sports, working out & led a very inactive lifestyle.
Amanda battled going through school overweight and struggled with self-love & happiness. She felt sluggish, overweight & allowed anxiety to overrule. She decided she needed to step up & take control of her health. It’s been about 2 years that Amanda has changed her life around & began to live a healthier lifestyle. With a lot of Self Development, Proper nutrition & healthy habits Amanda is down 43 lbs. & counting.


Amanda is Passionate and caring and has everyone’s best interest at heart.
She is here to help you strive to be your best self. Amanda is a Spin Instructor &  currently going through her education to serve you as our newest Personal Trainer in the very near future.




Amanda Bailey